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What is Glucosamine and why liquid?
Syn-flex® provides a significant advantage over Glucosamine pills or capsules. When using Glucosamine pills or capsules, you are losing ground to the “fillers and binders” that are found in them. With Synflex® liquid formula, you get the greatest absorption and bioavailabity. In liquid form, Syn-flex® offers more Glucosamine for the money as a result of its delivery system. And even in liquid form, Glucosamine formulas can differ from each other. Read our Guide to Glucosamine
Why liquid Glucosamine Formula Synflex?
Syn-flex® acting with maximum absorption and bioavailability

Syn-flex® provides pharmaceutical-quality Glucosamine with twelve other synergistic ingredients in liquid form.

Syn-flex® is hailed as a leader in the liquid Glucosamine industry

Syn-flex® offers premium quality Glucosamine

Syn-flex® ........is America's first choice in liquid Glucosamine!!

Synflex liquid Glucosamine for Osteoarthritis

Syn-flex ® provides a pharmaceutical quality Glucosamine with twelve other synergistic ingredients in liquid form. This allows for maximum absorption and bioavailability of the Glucosamine.
Syn-flex ®
 is one of the most powerful and effective liquid Glucosamine formulas on the market today. It is formulated with the highest-quality Glucosamine and other synergistic ingredients.
Syn-flex ® has no serious side effects for either humans or pets.

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Skiers need arthritis joint pain relief too.

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Synflex Success Stories
Real stories sent to us by our customers:

I am really very impressed with Syn-flex. I was in some pain prior to taking the supplement and there were definitely certain activities that I couldn't undertake e.g. riding my horse and walking upstairs normally. I have now been taking Syn-flex for almost 4 weeks and have forgotten that I have a problem. I ride every day with very little discomfort, I can walk upstairs at any time of the day or night and getting in and out of my car is no longer the painful ordeal it used to be. I've just received my second order and will continue to take Syn-flex for the 
foreseeable future. 


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